Bershire, England

Mikhail Kulakov becomes one of the few Soviet Russian citizens to study in the West. While at Newbold College, Mikhail encountered the somezdad and was introduced to freethinking Russian intellectuals. The passion for free thought and the exchange of ideas is born.



Zaoksky, Russia

Mikhail opens Zaoksky Adventist Seminary, the first Protestant Seminary in Soviet Russia. Intellectuals, medical doctors, scientists, actors, and vocalists from Moscow begin to flood the seminary with deep questions about spirituality and Russia's future.

Mikhail comes to the realization that his understanding of the Eastern Orthodox heritage is inadequate and that there is no way forward for Russia but through mutual interreligious understanding. 



Oxford, England

After meeting with numerous Russian and English religious leaders, intellectuals and culture-shapers, Mikhail and his brother Peter begin to discuss the possibility of greater Western and Russian, Protestant and Eastern Orthdox understanding. The license for the translation of Yaroslav Pelikan's books into Russian is purchased. 



Moscow, Russia

Mikhail and Peter begin the first public Dialogue Foundation initiative, Radio Dialog to build mutual trust among Christian organizations. Russian Orthodox priests, representatives of the Duma, and educators joined for exciting discussions. 


Olga Suvorova, a Moscow-based broadcaster, organizer and philanphropist formally registers Dialogue Foundation in Russia.


Moscow, Russia


Moscow, Russia

Dialogue Foundation publishes the translation of the New Testament into Modern Russian. Thanks to the resources and networks of Radio Dialog of Peter and Mikhail, Olga Suvorova was able to launch Studio Dialog and Addresses of Charity. 

Peter and Mikhail launch a website dedicated to interreligious dialogue under Dialogue Foundation. 


Mikhail legally registers Dialogue Foundation as Dialogue Foundation Inc. in the United States.



Dialogue Foundation Inc. launches Dialogue Foundation Books, an independent family-run press that invites submissions on dialogue, conflict resolution, justice.