Mikhail M. Kulakov


Mikhail Kulakov was born in 1959 in Almata, Kazakhstan to a family of Russian pastors and dissidents. Because of his decision not to bear arms for his faith, Mikhail was sent to a military construction unit in Vladivostok, surviving brutality and emerging with stories that inspired thousands. In 1980, Mikhail was one of the few Soviet citizens to study in the West and started a life-long commitment to the exchange of ideas. In 1988, he co-founded Zaoksky Theological Seminary with his father Mikhail Kulakov, Sr and wife Lyudmila Kulakov. It was at Zaoksky that Mikhail realized that there is no future for Russia without mutual religious understanding between protestants and Eastern Orthodox. In 2003, Mikhail completed his Doctoral studies at Oxford University in Eastern Orthodox thought. After the passing of his father in 2009, Mikhail joined the Russian Bible Translation Institute and served as editor in chief until its completion in 2015. Currently, he is professor of Religious Studies and Philosophy at Washington Adventist University and preaches nationally and internationally. 


Lyudmila S. Kulakova 


Lyudmila Kulakov was born in 1963 in Kotovsk, Moldova in the former Soviet Union to a family of WWII survivors and Seventh-day Adventist leaders. From early on, Lyudmila's supervisors noticed that she excelled at efficiently providing practical solutions to help others, recommending she pursue finance in the healthcare field. However, because of her religious convictions, in keeping the Sabbath, Lyuda pursued nursing because there were no non-Saturday classes, barring religious minorities from large segments of society. In 1985, Lyudmila married Mikhail and along with Mikhail P. Kulakov Sr, co-founded the first protestant seminary. Whether it was location scouting, accounting, or coordinating food and housing for the workforce, Lyuda identified the biggest needs of the students and faculty and managed the remedy. Namely, in 1993, in addition to raising two children, Lyudmila seized her gift for finance, opening a campus bookstore for faculty and students, the first protestant bookshop in Soviet Russia. After moving to the United States with Mikhail and the family, Lyudmila opened her immigration consulting company with Galena Kulakov, L & G Immigration, gaining experience in project management. In 2007, Lyudmila joined Adventist Risk Management as underwriter. In 2009, after the passing of Mikhail Kulakov, Sr., Lyuda joined the team of the Bible Translation Institute. 


Konstantin Kulakov 


Konstantin Kulakov was born in Zaoksky, Russia in 1989. Frequently torn between Russia, England, and multiple regions in the United States, Konstantin developed an introverted and creative sensibility, spanning percussion, photography, and film making. In 2008, Konstantin found his deeper calling in poetry and studied English at Columbia Union College, Takoma Park. Throughout this time, Konstantin gained experience in communications at WGTS 91.9 Radio as producer of the Scott and Sam show. In 2015, Konstantin began his studies at Union Theological Seminary as an MA history degree in science and religion. It was at Union that Konstantin realized that he must begin with his inner experiance: embodied living in community. Vocationally, Konstantin found his calling in chaplaincy and completed the requirements for the the Master of Divinity degree and a Clinical Pastoral Education unit. In 2015, Konstantin published his debut collection of poems, Excavating the Sky, with Dialogue Foundation books, gaining critical acclaim as well as experience in communications and strategy. Currently, Konstantin works as a media design freelancer and writing tutor, periodically preaching. He joined the team in 2016. 



Peter M. Kulakov


Peter Mikhailovich Kulakov was born 21 March 1964 in Kokand, Uzbekistan and raised in central Russia. In 1990, at the age of 26, Kulakov was the first Christian to appear live regularly on two national communist radio networks, blanketing 11 time zones with 900 FM stations. Moscow State University research showed the Voice of Hope radio program as the most popular among all the other religious broadcasts.

In 1992 he appeared at the Kremlin Palace of Culture for 12 days as a Russian translator for American Evangelist Mark Finley as well as in the Moscow Olympic Stadium in 1993. In the 1990's while at Newbold, Peter began talks with Mikhail that culminated in informally launching of the Dialogue Foundation. Much of the networks in broadcasting by Peter led to co-founder of the Russian chapter, Olga Suvorova to enrich people through her broadcasting and philanphropy. In 2005 Peter Kulakov started a weekly Light of Hope television program in two languages, Russian and English. The Russian Light of Hope program is broadcast on the CNL evangelical satellite network, as well as on the Hope Europe satellite channel. The English program is aired weekly on Comcast channel 5 in Metro Atlanta. In 2007 and in 2010 Kulakov presented two major satellite evangelistic series of meetings live from Kiev, Ukraine and Chisineu, Moldova.