The Dialogue Foundation Inc. believes that dialogue, dialogos, meaning conversation - in spite of religious, national, racial, gender, and economic boundaries - is an indispensable function of healthy society. Through international and interdenominational translation projects, sponsorship of the arts, free Bible initiatives, publications, and fundraising, the Dialogue Foundation is committed to the encounter of the global human family towards healing and wholeness. 

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The Dialogue Foundation was founded in 1995 as a platform to address the deep chasms effecting Protestants and Russian Orthodox Christians. However, its roots are much deeper. To explore the timeline from Mikhail's first encounter with free thought to the registration of the foundation in 2013, click the button below. 


“My hope is that the living language of this new translation will be especially appreciated by the younger generation of Russian people…” 

—  Russian philologist V.P. Oshkina, one of the parishioners at the Krasnogorsk Cathedral in Moscow region


Russian Bible Project


RBP Mission

It is the mission of the Russian Bible Project team to make the life-changing Word of God accessible to the Russian speaking people around the world. We collaborate with our partners in Russia to support the work of the Bible Translation Institute at Zaoksky: the preparation of a clear and accurate inter-denominational translation of God’s Word from the original languages.



of the Russian people have never read the Bible


have read some passages in the Gospels


read the Bible regularly


In this time of intolerance, fragmentation and animosity, this wonderful collaborative work has the ability to bring together and unite around God’s Word people from disparate places and of diverse beliefs. 


Emergency Newsletter: The Yarovya Law

Click green link to download: Russian Bible Update July-August Emergency Issue

"Despite the new Russian law which bans missionary activity, we must seize every opportunity to empower the people of Russia with a truly liberating spiritual nourishment which restores dignity and gives courage"

- Mikhail M. Kulakov, Jr. 


Latest Initiative: A new micropress, Dialogue Foundation Books Launches 


Excavating the Sky, Debut Collection of Spiritual Poetry Released December 2015

In his debut collection of poems, Excavating the Sky, Konstantin Kulakov labors to relate the inner spirituality of his Russian background to the fragmentation of a market-driven New World. Whether it is his Muslim-Christian relationship, his dance with natural science, or his struggle to expose continued US raciality, Kulakov seeks the contradictions in everything, "mixing words to bring-out sparks." At once lyrical and visionary, personal and political, what emerges is a spiritual language that resists the exclusionary tendencies of the 21st century and offers subtle flashes of possibility. Throughout, there is breaking, but there is also unfolding—

                     " my room,
I punch in letters, mixing words

to bring-out sparks. And it is You, Yahweh."  

("Excavating the Sky," p. 50)

Kulakov’s is a voice to be reckoned with, in his prophetic stance, in the power of his language, and in his linkage of poetry with the life of faith... These are brave, bold poems, excruciatingly beautiful...
— Jill Peláez Baumgaertner, Poetry Editor, The Christian Century

Forthcoming Translation into Russian:
Redeeming the Past: My Journey from Freedom Fighter to Healer

In 1990, Fr. Michael Lapsley, an Anglican priest active in the struggle against apartheid in South Africa, opened a letter bomb that nearly killed him, Though he survived, the blast took both his hands and one of his eyes. 

This memoir tells the story of this horrendous event, beginning with the journey that led him there particularly his rising awareness of the radical demands of the gospel and his growing identification with the freedom struggle. But that was not the end of his inspiring journey. In post-apartheid South Africa, Fr. Lapsley saw a whole nation in need of healing. He discovered a new vocation: drawing on his own experience of trauma to promote the healing of others, in South Africa, and ultimately throughout the world.


Dialogue Foundation Sponsors Judson's Art and Activism Panel


Judson's Art and Activism panel sought to gather the most innovative and diverse group of artists, activists, culture-shapers and scholars to deepen the conversation, exploring their experiences and ideas.


The world is becoming increasingly fragmented in haunting ways. The need for diverse artists, scholars, activists, and artist-activists to share experiences, reflect and learn from one another is a wide chasm before us.

It is driven by the conviction that performance, showcases, examples, and documentations should be at the heart of the discussion: for it is through the particularity, the embodied dimension, of the artist/activist experiences that a full encounter and insight can emerge.